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Peruvian interdisciplinary artist, based in NYC.

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My work is my attempt to understand the formation of my own identity and the social groups I am a part of. I aim to be analytical and critical and to map out what makes me and what breaks me. My work exploits my culture, my gender, sexuality and affects. It explores relationships, the power dynamics that are formed within them, and the oppression and vulnerability that are inevitable as a result. But above all, it is motivated by resilience.


My practice is interdisciplinary and resides at the intersection of psychological investigation and creative expression. My approach is usually diaristic, and documentary in some cases, with occasional performative interventions. Materiality is another point of inspiration and intersection for my work. I photograph primarily in analog and incorporate textile interventions through prints and embroidery. Often, my work is enhanced with text to further the introspection occurring behind the subject matter. Making sure this translates into my commercial and editorial work is a great priority of mine.


The first creative mentor I had once approached my mother while she was walking through my first group exhibition and said, “Both sides of her brain work in tandem, and that is her greatest quality, but it might very well be her pitfall if she’s not careful.” So, here’s to the effort of forever keeping myself on that brink.


BFA Photography - Parsons School of Design

BA Psychology - Eugene Lang School of Liberal Arts



select publications and clients.

The New York Times

Vogue Germany





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